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A Home Performance Audit (Energy Audit) is an important step in identifying the conditions in your home which are affecting your family’s health, comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Every home is different with its own challenges. By performing the audit, REEIS can identify exactly what your home needs and develop a most cost effective strategy to meet your goals.

During a REEIS Home Performance Audit, a high trained professional uses sophisticated equipment to identify:

  • Leaks in the air conditioning duct system
  • Connectivity between the exterior space to the conditioned space
  • Insulation and thermal envelop failures
  • Pressure imbalances
  • Heating and air conditioning system operation
  • Heating and air conditioning system air flow

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Phoenix Home Energy Audits

REEIS’ Home Performance Audit service includes the following tests:

  • Whole house blower door test – identifies building envelope leaks and connectivity between spaces
    Pressure pan or duct blaster test – identifies the amount of leakage which exists in a heating and air conditioning air delivery system (ducts)
  • Thermal imaging – the use of a thermal imaging camera identifies insulation and thermal envelope failures
  • Pressure testing – identifies pressure imbalances which exaggerate leaks, prevent heating and air conditioning systems to function correctly and draws polluted air into a home
  • Static pressure – identifies if your heating and air conditioning system has the proper amount of air to meet the needs of the system. Many systems are starved for air
  • Air flow – In conjunction with heat load assessments, measuring air flow can determine if the appropriate amount of CFM’s are delivered to any given space to insure proper comfort
  • Combustible Appliance Zonal – a safety test to insure that combustible appliances are operating in a safe environment. Pressure imbalances are known to draw poisonous gases into a home.
  • Visual assessment – inspect the attic, exterior and interior of the home to identify problem areas

Get A Guaranteed Comfort &
Performance Solution For Your Home

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