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Insulation is an important part of a home’s performance. Insulation works with other building components to maintain comfort while keeping the cost of heating and cooling down. Insulation is a critical function in the prevention of heat transfer from conditioned and unconditioned space. Without proper heat transfer management, a home’s performance will be dramatically impacted.

When analyzing insulation, a homeowner must understand that there are two critical components:

1) Failure rate of the insulation;
2) Amount of insulation

AZ Home InsulationInsulation must be properly installed to obtain its rating performance. If a home has a failure caused from a compression, void or misalignment, the effective value can be dramatically reduced. A 5% failure rate in insulation will cut its effective value in half.

REEIS recommends attic insulation to R-38 levels. Installing insulation above an R-38 value is not cost effective as the benefits begin to out weight the cost.

REEIS offers our clients insulation services.  All our installation technicians are REEIS employees.  We do not subcontractor our insulation work. 

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