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REEis takes a whole house approach to improving a your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.  A home performs as a system with a relationship between all of its components.

Our goal is to deliver guaranteed comfort and performance solutions. To do so, we evaluate your entire house, including:

  • Duct work, duct leakage & air flow
  • Air conditioning & heating system
  • Insulation
  • Air sealing & air exchange
  • Pressures

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Air Flow

Air flow, duct work and air distribution is critical to a home’s performance.  NCI studies have shown that air flow issues associated with poorly installed or designed duct systems account for 43% loss in heating and cooling delivery.  You read that correctly.  The average home losses 43% of its A/C – heating systems capacity.

Fixing a home’s air flow and air distribution can have dramatic impact on your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

REEIS Home Performance Analysts are experts in assessing air flow problems and solutions

Duct Leakage

A/C – heating system duct leakage causes:

  • Lose conditioned air before entering the home
  • Intakes hot polluted attic air post filter
  • Raises the air temperature of the intake air forcing the A/C – heating system to work harder & lose capacity
  • Increases the wear and tear of your A/C – heating system
  • Creates poor indoor air quality

Sealing your duct system can be a relatively inexpensive improvement but requires a knowledgeable expert to assess the impact on air flow.

REEIS Home Performance Analysts test the quantity of air your home’s ducts leak.  

A/C - Heater

Your home’s air conditioning and heating system:

  • requires proper maintenance
  • wears out
  • becomes less efficient and loses output over time

Newer HVAC equipment is significantly more energy efficient than older equipment.


Insulation is an important part of a home’s performance. Insulation works with other building components to maintain comfort while keeping the cost of heating and cooling down. Insulation is a critical function in the prevention of heat transfer from conditioned and unconditioned space. Without proper heat transfer management, a home’s performance will be dramatically impacted.

When analyzing insulation, a homeowner must understand that there are two critical components:

1) Failure rate of the insulation;
2) Amount of insulation

Air Sealing

Houses should be sealed to prevent air transfer.  Leaky homes cause:

  • loss of conditioned air
  • drafts
  • Attic and other polluted air into the home
  • Air quality concerns

Houses can be too tight and cause indoor air quality concerns.  Controlling a home’s air exchange rate is important to your family’s health and safety.

REEIS Home Performance Analysts are trained in proper building science associated with proper air exchange.  


Pressure is critical a home’s performance and is rarely understood.  Examples of pressure concerns:

  • A high bedroom pressure typically suggests a room does not cycle air back into the A/C – heating system and will cause comfort problems
  • Negative room pressures in the present of water heater or combustible appliance could be dangerous and even life threatening
  • Negative room pressures will cause polluted attic air from entering the home
  • Positive room pressure will cause conditioned air to leak from the home.

REEIS Home Performance Analysts are experts in testing and balancing home pressures.

Home Performance AuditAll components of a your home’s performance are tested and analyzed with a REEis’s $99 Home Performance Evaluation.

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