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Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Steven went over the top to make sure all my concerns were addressed properly. He was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in complete detail. With all that, he was also friendly and considerate.
Loved this service !!! — Lori A.

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We started out with Reeis from the home & garden show. We decided to invite them to give us an energy audit. IT WAS THE BEST SPENT $99! Eduardo is absolutely amazing at explaining the process on a project. He is so knowledgeable and easygoing. The crew that did the work were great guys. All of them were very respectful and quality minded in their work. We have saved lots on our energy bill since then. Today we had REEIS replace our A/C unit. We would not have considered anyone else. We were not disappointed: Orlando, Vincent and the rest of the crew were awesome, professional, and personable. We look forward to a long term relationship with the service department for the regular service checks that will protect our investment. — Angelina T.

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Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

REEis was highly efficient.

They scheduled the appointment and Service Technician came on time. He checked out the problem and will order part and return to make repair. The technician explained everything in detail and I signed up for Preferred Home Advanced Maintenance Plan as to keep my unit in tip top shape. Thanks REEis A/C. — JoAnn S.

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REEis installed our units during the new build and has maintained them for the last 5 years. Every time there is an issue, they handle it with care and integrity. The most recent visit from Steve was one of the best ones yet. Top notch guy who knows his stuff. — Andrew S.

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Stephen Baker is an excellent tech. He fully explains the function of all parts of the unit. He is willing to take the time to answer our questions and concerns. We always request him to do the serving of our unit. — Janet R.

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We have been having issues with our HVAC unit for weeks and Stephen was able to diagnose and correct the issue in no time. We are thankful for the care that both he and Antonio put into correcting our problem. They also took great care in protecting our home from damage. Very impressed with the professionalism. Thank you! — Linda G.

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This is a great company to work with. I forget my regular technicians but they are great! I schedule 2 check ups a year and they always arrive punctual and perform the service timely. Very polite and provide information in a manner to inform me and in a way that a non-technician can understand. Great Company. Great People. Great service. — Daniel W.

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Positive: Quality, Responsiveness
Steve was very friendly and knowledgeable. He quickly diagnosed the problem and had us back up and running in no time. We signed up for their annual maintenance program and would definitely recommend them to others. — Brian M.

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We have in the past had Stephen as our technician and that is why when we called this time we specifically asked for him. He is thorough in his checking our unit and takes time to explain how our system works. We very much appreciate and trust him as our technician. — Muriel A.

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My wife and I are full time Phoenix residents. I selected REEis after talking to neighbor who uses REEis and then talking with the REEis owner about their qualifications. Stephen was sent out to do our spring AC check. He called ahead and told us when he would arrive. We have a Trane AC system and Stephen is a trained Trane service technician. This was one of my selection criteria. I thought he handled himself very professionally and knowledgeably. Stephen was very thorough. I followed him around as he made his checks and I asked questions. Once he made all the manual checks, he connected wifi sensors to the condenser lines and used supply and return air temp sensors on the supply and return air house. With all this, he as able to view the entire AC system parameters in cooling mode. He explained all the results. He made suggesting on using less expensive air filters that would improve system life and reduce energy consumption. REEis is far and away better than C… B….. (small owner) company that I was using. I was very impressed REEis and plan to continue to use them for our HVAC servicing, — Diana W.


“REEis responded promptly to my service request. Jose came out, assessed the situation, and had my system up and running quickly. Pricing was more than reasonable, and service was great. I definitely recommend contacting them for your HVAC needs.”

-Kristy T. (6/24/2018)

“I had an excellent experience with REEis doing a huge project in my home following an SRP energy audit including a complete redesign of my HVAC system…all new heat pumps (compressors and air handlers), all new and redesigned duct system, redesigned zoning system with electronic thermostats, and complete re-insulation of the attic. Eduardo was an excellent project manager who educated me in depth about options and choices. The work crews were all pleasant, careful in my home, and kept me updated constantly through the project. I highly recommend this company!”

-Penny B. (9/8/2017)

“Very professional and fast service. Fixed all the issues and now my home has perfect temperature throughout! Also, their pricing was very good. Thank you, Eduardo and team, for a job well done!

-Greg W. (9/6/2017)

“Jeff Haney from REEis provided great service when we ordered our system and just as importantly, his quality service continued after the sale. He responded to calls promptly and went above & beyond to follow through on what he said. We are lucky to have had Jeff as our Performance Analyst.”

Ashley R. (6/19/2017)

“REEis has always been reliable and responsive in an emergency. But today, a special thanks to el primo technician Tim for his unbelievably quick response and repair during this 119 record heat and very untimely AC malfunction. Your the greatest and Reeis is truly fortunate to have you on their team.”

-Steven D. (06/19/2016)

“Fast, reliable, and well priced. I recommend Reeis for all of your HVAC needs. They have installed over 50 remodel, new construction, and replacement units and ducting for us. They are on site within hours for maintenance calls and make every house a priority!”

-Bill K. (06/01/2016)

“Great customer service and knowledgeable technicians! Would highly recommend for any AC/Heating needs.”

-Ken B. (05/26/2016)

“Eduardo was amazing! He is very knowledgeable. He walked me through everything his team was going to do. The team was very neat and quality oriented.”

-Jon B. (04/20/2016)

“We purchased a home because a new AC was installed by a reputable company: Donley AC.
For 2 years they tried to fix the AC all the while we paid sky-high energy bills. After NUMEROUS visits and a burned out compressor the president himself was at a loss to remedy the situation. We called REEis. A totally new system was installed. The air output doubled, Our problem solved. High-efficiency units installed. What makes one company so good and another a dud? REEis is ahead in technology and solutions. Thanks, Bryce.”

-Elizabeth M. (03/11/2016)

“This summer my upstairs AC blew out. There was another company who came out 3 times to try and fix it but it kept tripping our circuit breaker. The company suggested I contact a company who specializes in the type of units we have, TRANE. So I called REEIS. They sent a tech out and he had it fixed that day and it’s been working like a charm since! Thank you so much!!!”

-Natalie N. (09/27/2015)

“My AC went out this past summer and I contacted Reeis for a quote. They came out and were very professional and fair with pricing. The repaired the unit the same day. When I got home from work it was like nothing had even happened.

I also purchased a home performance audit as I felt my AC bills have been exceptionally high for our size house. It has been the best $99 investment I have spent on our home. They found several small leaks in the a/c duct work. My electric bill has reduced and already paid for itself!”

-Robert C. (09/10/2015)

“Everyone at REEis is respectful and trustworthy and will get the work done with a very timely matter. The staff is all very friendly and gives you accurate advice and recommendations for the work that needs to be done. The energy Audit they did for my house has in return ended up saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars on our electric bill. I will continue to use them for all of my air conditioning and heating needs.”

– Mackenzie N. (12/8/2014)

“I went with REEis because of the representative and salesperson (Eduardo) was so personable and was not pushy. He walked me thru the whole process. It took 4 days to get it all done and the A/C works great.”

– Roger L. (11/5/2014)

“I had this company come out to my home a few years ago because my electric bills on my small home were about $400 per month during the summer months…They did an energy audit and discovered that the insulation in my attic was only about three inches deep and suggested blowing in about 10 more inches worth of insulation.  I hired them and they came in and sealed up all the attic areas that were open letting the heat go down through the walls, sealed up the vents and blew in the insulation.  Over the past two years, my electric bill has dropped to 1/2 as much as I was paying, which was well worth the money spent to get the insulation done.  We also did it at the time the government was offering incentives to do energy efficient upgrades so the cost was more than worth it with the rebates.  Even without the rebates, the insulation has paid for itself and then some…would highly recommend these guys if your home is costing you more than it should in energy usage.    I have gone to the averaged out billing with SRP and my last bill was only $145 and I run my AC at about 73 days in and day out.  These guys know what they are doing.”

– Jennifer C. (7/17/2014)

“We needed some A/C and furnace work done and were not happy with the company we went with. We ended up with more problems and bigger headaches. We heard about REEis and decided to give them a call. They sent a technician by the name of Ernesto out within a few days. He truly went above and beyond and you can tell he really takes pride in his work and cares about his customers. Since that initial visit, we have had Ernesto come out and fix some issues the prior company had not completed. We were very happy with the service we received.”

Dante D. (4/30/2014)

“Called them after I heard about them on the radio. I was very impressed. very professional did not try to upsell me at all. they checked all the house from top to bottom, I did not notice they were there, after they should me the results and gave me their recommendations, explained to me what needs to be done asap and what can wait for now. I liked it a lot. I decided to do it all. they did the job again very very professional quick and every step was inspected. just impressive.  I think they are great and will advise you guys to give them a try.”

– Nachum E. (4/28/2014)

“I started using REEis with the whole home energy audit. I was satisfied with the experience… I since have had REEis do my AC and now furnace work. The serviceman was… respectful to my home and pets. I actually went to check on him and he was on his hands and knees wiping my floor with a towel!!! He had no idea I was there…so this nice man made sure my home was super clean after he got down from the attic. I am a very happy customer!! He did a great job on the service work he completed. Thank you.”

-Charlene R. (11/14/2013)

“I have never had a company so willing and as a part of there routine make sure the job was done right. The quality control that is in place is outstanding. This testimonial is from a former Contractor and Superintendent who knows quality when he sees it. Thanks, REEis from the bottom of my heart.”

-Lynn B. (10/2/2013)

“Unfortunately, there are too many companies today who do not go the distance to successfully complete a project or provide quality service to the utmost standards they espouse and somehow find blame on everyone or everything except themselves. Our experience with REEis was quite the opposite…demonstrating utmost integrity while completing the job, your consideration in our home, a friendly staff, and a thorough job well done were accomplished with a smile at a fair price! When we ran into a problem, you found a solid solution and I truly felt like you cared about ensuring my satisfaction. Thank you for the excellent, high quality and level of satisfaction we experienced with REEis and we will continue to recommend you and your service to others.”

-Kevin W. (9/20/2013)

“I had REEis do an Energy Efficiency Audit to see why our home is not being cooled well. They found several big problems with our duct system. They recommended an inexpensive way to correct the problems. We had the work done and was very satisfied with the results. Their technicians were professional, knowledgeable and efficient both on the audit and in completing the repair. I plan on using Reeis for all my future Heating and AC maintenance and repairs.”

-Ron W. (8/23/2013)

“We recently had REEis modify our air-handler/AC unit to correct a problem of long-standing. One room always seasonally warmer/colder than rest of house, REEIS replaced the composite-board plenum with a metal one, added a return plenum and a ceiling-return vent at opposite end of the house from the builder-installed return. The room temperature is now comparable to other rooms in the house. I am very satisfied with the workmanship and professional manner displayed by all the REEis folks involved and will not hesitate to call on them in the future.”

-Roger W. (8/16/2013)

“I would still like to have the A.C. serviced in June and obtain the rebate from APS so please don’t erase the date for the Tune-Up. I will stay in touch. You guys are awesome and I can see why Rosie on the House recommends your company. Honest, Straight Forward and No Pressure. You will have my continuing business. Thanks again.”

– Joe M. (3/22/2013)

“Dear Derek, I have to say I am so pleased with the way REEis takes care of their customers. It is a true blessing to have a company that is not there just to take the money and run. You have made my day. My daughter used you and I did then because of the excellent care you gave her. I have already recommended you to several people. I trust your company to do the right thing. Have a wonderful day.”

– Nona D. (3/21/2013)

“Thanks so much for sending me the receipt and information. Little things like this reassure me that I picked the right company to make the necessary improvements to my beloved home. When I look at my monthly SRP bill, I only have one regret, why didn’t I do this sooner. Still loving the product and the workmanship.”

– Karen E. (2/15/2013)

“REEis installed a new air conditioner, cleaned ducts, and changed out insulation in the attic. …They have very efficient and knowledgeable service and installation crews. They work with you on all aspects of the products and costs and I give them 100% customer service score. I cannot thank them enough for their patience in explaining the contracts and service warranties. I will call them first for any jobs that I may want in the future. I will continue to have them service my home.”

-Penny K. (11/13/2012)

“We received the rebate check from APS this week and a letter from Energize Phoenix letting us now their rebate will be sent in 2-4 weeks. Mike from REEis came out yesterday afternoon and removed insulation that was blocking the airflow from our heater and it is now working very well. We are very satisfied with REEis services (promptness, professionalism, and quality of work) and will highly recommend your team to our network. Thank you for taking good care of us and have a wonderful Christmas!”

– Christopher & Heidi R.

“I recently had my house remodeled and my insulation re-blown. I was surprised to learn the mistakes that were made on the project and lack of care taken to the items that were not available for me to see. If you have ever had work completed on your home, I recommend you have REEis verify the contractor’s work. I paid for an R-30 and these guys showed me how I had a functioning R-10.”

– Bryan H.

“I booked the free review because REEis was recommended to me but I really did not anticipate hiring them. When they began to run their tests, they immediately identified major leaks in my brand new AC units. I was amazed when they took one of the registers off to show me the sunlight coming through my AC system and a broken damper. They actually called my AC contractor and got them to fix the problem with no out of pocket expense to me. I was amazed that they got them to come out and fix the issue. Where do you see that kind of honesty these days?”

– Gwen J.

“I scheduled an appointment because my kid’s bedroom was extremely warm during the summer months. I had called other contractors in the past but had little or no results. REEis identified the problems and repaired them. They went above and beyond their scope of work and as a small business owner, I appreciate that level of service. I would absolutely refer them.”

-Steve C.

“I hired REEis to make my home energy efficient prior to placing it on the market to differentiate it from other homes. The investment seemed completely reasonable for the value. I believe it made a significant difference in the marketing of my home.”

 David R.

“After having the free report, I immediately hired them when I saw the condition of my air conditioning ducts. I actually didn’t want to turn on my AC unit after I understood the quality of the air that was being exhausted into my house. It was a no-brainer.”

– John M 

“I had a very good experience with REEis. After they came in and did the work to seal off any escaping heating and cooling I may have had, I received a call from APS. They wanted to inspect the work that was done before issuing me a cash credit. The APS inspector said it was the best job he had ever seen done and asked me who did it. I have since recommended REEis to many others and they are all very satisfied with the savings they are seeing in their monthly heating and AC bills as I am.”

– Mel D

“I don’t often take the time to commend a company on the great experience that I had and that’s because in this day and age there aren’t many to commend, BUT REEis is one of them!!!! We have had the initial consultation, 2 crews working at our house (6 guys) and the informational gathering for the APS rebate so that is a total of 8 different people from your company. Each one was nicer than the last if that is even possible. They were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, careful and very conscious about leaving my home the way they found it. We have already begun spreading the word to friends and neighbors. Please don’t get too big or too busy to lose this way of doing business that is almost non-existent in today’s society.”

Kathy V

“I want to tell you how nice it was to meet you and your crew today. I learned quite a bit and was impressed with the professionalism. I would like to perhaps have a discussion on how successful I think your business can be. I look forward to hearing your suggestions and hopefully start saving money and energy.

– Connie M.

“The AC is working much more efficiently since the adjustments your company made to the system. My bills are lower (even SRP lowered my monthly budget amt) and the extra vent has helped with the sucking noise coming out of the inflow vent that was there. Thanks!”


“I wanted to thank you for the recent work your company did on my home. You came in and spent the better part of a day doing the energy audit to see where and what could be done to our home to make it more comfortable and energy efficient. The crew that did the audit were knowledgeable and very professional, making sure that they explained the process and their findings. When we decided to have the work done, a new crew came out to do the work. The entire crew was very courteous and again helpful in telling me what was going on and how long it would take. All of the guys knew what they were doing and even made sure my house was cleaned up after all the work was done. All of my family noticed the 1st day the difference in not only the airflow but the increased comfort in the house. It was even more pronounced in the “hot” room where my daughter sleeps. For the 1st time in 12 years we have lived here, that room is no longer hotter than the other rooms in the house and my daughter wanted to say thank you to you guys for “fixing” her room. I would recommend anyone who owns a home to have REEis come out and do the audit and the repairs they find, you won’t be disappointed. I wish I would have written all the guys name down that did the work as well as the audit to say thank you.”

– Alan C.

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