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Common Volatile Organic Compounds in Your Home
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Common Volatile Organic Compounds in Your Home

In general, folks in Scottsdale, Arizona, don’t think about their indoor air containing volatile organic compounds. But that fact is that VOCs are lurking in your home. Read on to learn more about volatile organic compounds and how to eliminate them.

Cleaners, Air Fresheners and Solvents

The common cleaners that you often use to eliminate dirt and grime around your house contain volatile organic compounds. Solvents like bleach, ammonia and alcohol are toxic in large doses. Even pleasant-smelling air fresheners use VOC-based propellants that can pollute the air quality in your home. Try essential oil and green cleaners instead.


Plastics are everywhere, and the most common form of plastic is PVC. PVC emits a range of toxic gases, including chlorine gas, phthalates and dioxins. These not only aggravate allergies and pollute your air quality, but they’re also bad for the environment. Consider looking into plastic alternatives or PVC-free plastics instead.

Home Furnishings

Everyone loves the scent of a new sofa, chair or desk. Unfortunately, it can also mean that VOCs are invading your home. Chemicals used to treat sofa upholstery and leather against stains can be toxic, and many pieces of furniture can be treated with polyurethane foam or even formaldehyde, which is a toxic VOC. Try to avoid home furnishings made with plywood or chemically treated against stains.

Beauty Care Products

Did you know that your sweet-smelling perfume, body spray or deodorant can contain compounds like alcohol and other toxic chemicals? Consider essential oils or all-natural beauty products instead. As a result, you’ll reduce the VOCs in your home.

Purifying and ventilating the air inside your home is vital to reducing volatile organic compounds. Contact REEIS Air Conditioning to learn about our IAQ solutions. We’re happy to help you breathe cleaner air and even sleep better inside your home.

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