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New Construction HVAC Considerations You Shouldn't Overlook
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New Construction HVAC Considerations You Shouldn't Overlook

You have much to think about when building your new Paradise Valley, AZ, home. You want to make it a comfortable and inviting living space. To do this, you need an efficient HVAC system. When it comes to new construction HVAC, make sure you consider the following:

Size of the Unit

The right-sized HVAC system makes all the difference. Many people don’t think twice about the system going into their new home. They let the builder choose it. Yet, every home has different needs. Finding the right system requires careful consideration.

You should always work with an HVAC contractor to determine what size unit works best for your home. Often, people put in oversized systems, thinking this covers all the bases. Yet, they end up spending too much money on heating and cooling costs and using energy wastefully.

But installing a too-small system puts too much stress on the unit. It can’t keep up with your home’s heating and cooling demands. The harder it works to reach peak operating temperatures, the more energy it uses. It also endures more wear and tear, resulting in frequent repairs.

HVAC professionals help you choose the right size for your home’s cooling and heating needs. They base their assessment on the following factors:

  • Your home’s square footage.
  • The type and amount of insulation in the home.
  • The regional climate.

Will You Have a Duct or Ductless System?

Traditionally, people have installed duct HVAC systems in their new homes. A ducted system circulates the air throughout the home using concealed ductwork. A duct system does a fantastic job of heating and cooling the entire home, but it has some drawbacks.

If you want to build a future addition to the home, you have to hire contractors to install more ducts. The process gets expensive and time-consuming. Ductless systems let you skip this step. The system consists of an outdoor compressor and individual indoor air handlers. You control the handlers individually. Cool or heat only the rooms you use and conserve more energy.

Consult with Professional HVAC Contractors for the Right Fit

Do you have questions about new construction HVAC? Call the experts at REEis Air Conditioning for more information.

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