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Why You Need to Schedule a Home Performance Evaluation
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Why You Need to Schedule a Home Performance Evaluation

A home performance evaluation takes a detailed look at your home and helps you see any changes or repairs that you need to make. At REEis Air Conditioning, we offer this service for homeowners who want to save money on future repairs and maintenance costs. Learn some of the top reasons to schedule a home performance evaluation for your Prescott, AZ, home.

Check Your Windows

One benefit of a home performance evaluation is that a professional can check your windows for signs of leaks and drafts. Though the humidity in Prescott is low, the city gets some high temperatures, especially in the spring and summer. You might spend more money than you want to run your air conditioner and keep your home cool.

Our evaluation tells you whether you have drafts and leaks that let out cool air and let in warm air. You’ll also find out if you need to replace your old windows with new double-hung windows for better insulation.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Many people with allergies move to Arizona because the dry heat helps with their allergies. You may not get as much relief as you expected, though, if your home has poor air quality.

Your air quality depends on how much dust and dander there is in your home and can relate to any pets you have. Our home performance evaluations look for issues that increase the allergens in your home, such as leaks around your door that help pollutants get inside and ducts that need cleaning.

See if Your Home is Energy Efficient

When you have a smart thermostat, you can perform an energy audit that looks at how much power you use and suggests how you can use less energy. With our free home performance evaluation, we look at the current HVAC system in your home and all related units.

This allows us to see if you need a new filter or a repair that helps the AC unit use less energy as it runs. When you opt for our recommended repairs, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home and save money every month because you use less power.

Find Out More About Insulation

Houses often have insulation to make them more comfortable. When you have good insulation, you don’t need to worry about heat rising to the top of your house and escaping outside on a cooler day. Our evaluations allow us to look in your attic or around the top of your second floor if you don’t have one.

We check the R-value of the insulation and let you know if your house could benefit from a higher value. Our team also ensures that your home has the ventilation it needs.

Test for Leaks

While both our home performance evaluations test for leaks, our premium evaluation also tests the blower and duct or pan blaster. Homes in Prescott often have blowers that push cool air into each room as the AC system runs. We check for leaks in both spaces between your rooms and in the thermal envelope, but our tests also look at pans and blasters for leaks that allow cold air to escape from your ducts.

What to Expect

No matter which of our home performance evaluations you choose, you can expect our crew to show up on time and work hard to finish the evaluation quickly without missing a single thing. We recommend that you stay home to ask any questions you might have. Once we finish the evaluation, we’ll go over everything we found and show you any repairs that would benefit your home. You can even schedule those repairs before we leave.

At REEis Air Conditioning, we want to help you make smart decisions about your home and the updates it needs. That’s why we offer both a free evaluation and one you can schedule for the low price of $99. Call REEis Air Conditioning today to schedule a free or $99 home performance evaluation.

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