Elite Lennox Comfort & Energy Efficiency

Lennox SL28 - 5 Ton AC with Furnace


COMFORT = Full Variable Cooling

The Lennox SL28 offers variable-capacity operation, meaning it can adjust cooling output like a dimmer switch to perfectly match your energy use to your comfort needs. This also helps control humidity more accurately.


SEER2 Energy Savings Calculator - 10 years of savings in Phoenix Arizona estimated at $11,900 over unit performing at a 9 SEER as measured by seerenergysavings.com.

Ratings: SEER2 19.4 / EER2 12.4 / ARUF 80%

AHRI #: (v) 210798585 or (h) 210798573

HEALTH = MERV 11, Lennox Health Climate

HEALTH = LENNOX HEALTH CLIMATE = MERV 11, 7" large format filter offers the convenience of filters changes required every 6 months. The Lennox air filters are an integral part of a whole home comfort system that protects your equipment and family by filtering dust and allergens from the air. MERV 11 filters can trap common allergens and particles, but may not be necessary for all households unless you have specific air quality issues or allergies.

CONTROLS = Lennox S30, WIFI, Remote Diagnostics

The Lennox S30, formerly known as the i-Comfort S30, is a smart thermostat that can automatically control and configure a home's heating and cooling system. It has a 7-inch color touchscreen and can connect to all Lennox Communicating products to simplify system setup. The S30 can also adapt to a person's lifestyle and the environment to help save energy and provide comfort.

REEIS to remotely monitor your system's performance. If something goes wrong, REEIS will know about it before you do and we can take steps to correct any issues.

The system controller makes for improved accuracy, self-configuration, enhanced maintenance of system operation, and more benefits.


REEIS Performance Pro install packages is our highest end install package in the industry. The package includes upgrades to: air flow, hanging materials, vibration isolation, replacements of connected electrical, gas & low volt connections, condensate system, line set protection and much more.

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Lennox SL28 - 5 Ton Heat Pump


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